Things to do in the cottage

Living room

A selection of walking books, maps, guide books and books on Cornwall in the big desk.

Flat-screen TV connected to FreeSat plus DVD/VCR.

A small library of movies (mostly romantic comedies – Caroline and railway enthusiasts – Malcolm). We both recommend ‘This is Spinal Tap’. There are some blank cassettes if you want to record anything.

A selection of board games such as Rummikub, Boggle, and Upwords.

Bunk bedroom

There are some cookbooks, children’s books and novels in the bookshelf.

If you’re part way through a novel and want to keep on reading, you’re welcome to take it away – please leave behind one you brought with you to replace it.
Please don’t take away any books on Cornwall.

Four-poster room

There’s a small table in the bedroom for jigsaws or a ‘puzzle roll’ if you’d like to use the larger table in the kitchen. Jigsaws live in the drawers beside the desk in the bedroom.


There is a ‘play area’ for children with a small toy cupboard next to it.


There is a small patio garden with a table and four chairs.

There is also a ‘Weber’ barbecue with some charcoal hidden underneath it, should the weather ever get good enough to use it. (We can but hope).