Spring in Boscastle – with rock

April is a lovely time to visit Boscastle. After an Easter visit – late March, this year – that was mostly about sheltering from the rain in coffee shops, it was a delight when I realised that we could unexpectedly fit in a long weekend a week later.

Saturday felt like a repeat of the previous week, with the coffee in Relish in Wadebridge just as delicious as the previous weekend as once again we abandoned plans for a walk in favour of shopping.

But Sunday brought sun, tempting us down the hill to mosey round the shops in the village.

Boscastle Rock in the sweet shop
Sticks of Boscastle Rock in the sweet shop

The sweet shop has changed hands. The new owners have made some welcome changes: they are still offering old-fashioned sweeties such as proper seaside rock, but have dropped some of the sillier gimmicks to focus on plenty of prettily-wrapped fudge and a carefully-sourced range of local beers and ciders.

Next to it, the café has also changed hands and is once again the Toby Jug, a name that it apparently had years ago, focused on solid ‘caff’ favourites such as an all-day breakfast. Fortified by a freshly-brewed mug of filter coffee, the walk up the hill seems a little less strenuous than usual – particularly as I spotted some early bluebells and obviously had to catch my breath photograph them, didn’t I?

Bluebells flowering in Cornwall
Some early bluebells