Nearby Attractions

Boscastle has many lovely walks, for all levels of ability but all involving lots of hills. You’ll need mud-proof walking shoes or wellies.
Boscastle village, the harbour, and the Witchcraft Museum
Exit the cottage and walk downhill to get to the village. There is a visitor centre, shops, the harbour and the Witchcraft Museum.
The small Witchcraft Museum is open in the summer. It aims to present an objective history of Witchcraft and has an intriguing selection of objects related to Witchcraft.
Forrabury Church, the Stiches and Willapark
Exit the cottage, walk downhill about 200 metres and then uphill along the slip road. Cross the main road carefully and continue up the road opposite. You can either stick with the road (easier), or turn right onto a footpath and continue through the field (steeper but nicer).
This will bring you to Forrabury Church, a nice little historic church, and then behind the church there are the Stitches, an Area of Special Scientific Interest that is still farmed in the mediaeval ‘strip farming’ tradition.
Keep going past the Stitches to see Willapark, a folly that is now used as a volunteer coastguard watchpoint. Magnificent views along the coast.
The Valency Valley
If you turn right when you get to the village, you’ll come to a giant car park. Keep going through the car park and you can walk along the pretty Valency Valley – an easy walk but can be muddy in places.
Keep going along the valley and you’ll come to some stepping stones: cross over for a pretty but steep walk back to the top of the village.
If the stepping stones seem too daunting, carry on up the valley and you’ll come to a nice sturdy bridge. Cross over for a lovely but steeply uphill walk to the Minster Church, and a relatively level walk back to the top of the village