Looking across to Willapark

Looking out to sea past Willapark
Looking out to sea past Willapark

Willapark is a small white tower that perches above the steep cliffs near Bosastle. Originally built as a folly, it now serves as a base for the local volunteer coastwatch.

There’s a short circular walk that takes in the Willapark, the Forrabury church, and the Stitches – Site of Special Scientific Interest. It’s about a mile and a half with some steep parts.

  • Start at the Wellington pub in the village.
  • Walk up the steep hill past the pub until you see a slip road that cuts back sharply to your right.
  • Ascend the slip road to the main road.
  • Cross the main road carefully, and take the road more or less straight ahead of you.
    If you prefer a gentler slope on even ground, keep going along the road until you reach the church.
    If you’re happier with off-road walking, look out for a signpost to ‘Coast Path’ to your right. It will lead you up a short steep stretch of path and through a kissing-gate into an open field. Go straight ahead along the left-hand edge of the field to reach the church.
  • When you’ve seen enough of the church, cross the churchyard and take the gate in the corner furthest from the road.
  • Turn left to follow the path alongside open fields towards the sea.
  • The fields are the ‘Stiches’, still farmed using the mediaeval method of strip farming.
  • As you get nearer to the sea, the path goes downhill somewhat to the right. Turn right to follow the cliffs.
  • If you’re feeling energetic, leave the path to walk steeply uphill to the Willapark.
  • Once you’ve seen enough of the Willapark, come back to the path and continue along, around and down towards Boscastle Harbour.
  • You will emerge above the Blowhole in the harbour. If you’re lucky and the tide and weather are working properly, it can be quite spectacular. If not, it’s still a good view across the narrow rocky harbour.
  • Keep following the path along the shore and alongside the harbour.
  • The path will lead  you back into the village past the Harbour Light shop, or cross the little bridge for more shops and two tearooms.
Willapark walk sketched on an aerial photo
Willapark walk sketched on an aerial photo